CRC helps children victims of state violence as well as children survivors of disasters and sexual abuse cope with their traumatic experiences and build on their resiliency to address future challenges.

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CRC supports children who can no longer be with their parents through the Orphan Support program. Help us provide for their basic needs and education and adopt an orphan financially. Your care counts. Read more »

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HRV’s against children continue to pile up with impunity as Aquino’s term ends

Annually, the world observes Human Rights Day during December 10 in tribute to the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the United Nation (UN). Read more »

Children's Rehabilitation Center condemns harassment by suspected state agents

 Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns, a national alliance of children’s rights organizations and institutions, strongly condemned the harassment by suspected state agents against two (2) child rights advocates last Thursday night. Read more »

PNoy culprit of family disintegration- child rights groups

Different organizations working for the rights and welfare of children joined the indignation rally in front of Indonesian Embassy to call for the salvation of Mary Jane Veloso from execution. Read more »

Statement on the Senate Committee Report on Mamasapano

“It is high time for President Aquino to own his faults and end his series of denials, whitewash and blame-game just to escape from the long list of crises under his watch.” This was the statement of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center, following the release of a senate committee report citing that the president is ‘ultimately responsible’ over the botched operation of the Philippine National Police - Special Action Force in Mamasapano. Read more »

People's Fact-Finding Mission in Mamasapano [Psychosocial First Aid Report]

On February 10, Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) joined the People’s Fact FindingMission  in  Mamasapano,  spearheaded  by  Suara  Bangsamoro  and  Kawagib,  with  the objective  of  documenting  human rights  violations  against  civilians  as well  as  facilitating psychosocial help to women and children victims of the recent armed encounter between theMILF, BIFF and PNP SAF. Read more »

25th Year of UNCRC, a time to heed lumad children’s calls

We are commemorating the 25th year of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on November 20 and amidst different issues that plague the media, the disquieting issue of military encampments and attacks on indigenous schools in Mindanao continue. Read more »

Urgent Appeal for Support for the Typhoon Mario (Fung-Wong) affected communities

 20 September 2014 

Dear friends,

 Greetings of peace and solidarity!

Tropical storm Mario (international name Fung-Wong) worsened torrential monsoon rains and caused heavy flooding in Metro Manila, Southern Luzon and Central Luzon yesterday. 

According to government reports, almost 500,000 people are affected and almost 40,000 are displaced. A 2-year old girl died because of drowning in Barangay Bagong Silangan, Quezon City.  Read more »

Blood-tainted AFP deserves not a single cent from nation’s wealth- NGO

Amid Congress deliberation of the 2015 proposed national budget, a child rights group urged the House of Representatives to withhold from appropriating budget to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), as the latter remain responsible for the spate of killings and gross human rights violations, wherein children are not even spared.
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