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CRC supports children who can no longer be with their parents through the Orphan Support program. Help us provide for their basic needs and education and adopt an orphan financially. Your care counts. Read more »

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About Us

The Children's Rehabilitation Center (CRC) is a non- stock, non-profit, non-government institution serving children and families who are victims of state violence in the Philippines. Its services are focused on children in the rural and urban areas who suffer physical health problems, emotional disorders and social maladjustments due to traumatic events such as arrest, torture, forced displacement, strafing, bombing, massacre, disappearance and other forms of human rights violations.

CRC also provides immediate psycho-social aid to children and families who are affected by natural disasters and accepts referrals for children-victims of other social disasters such as abuse and exploitation on a case-to-case basis. Through its different programs, CRC hopes to strengthen the support system of the affected children to cope in a threatening milieu.

CRC's Vision

  • A sovereign, peaceful society that responds to the basic needs and respects the rights of children and their families.
  • Responsible parents and communities that nurture the potentials of every child, to think, to learn, to express creatively and critically;
  • And children who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy and equipped with coping skills to analyze and act in whatever type of situation.


Facilitate psychosocial help primarily for children in war and secondarily for children survivors of social and natural disasters as well as victims of sexual abuse at the grassroots and community level in order to lay the groundwork for people's initiative, creativity, responsibility and communal concern for children. CRC takes special focus in assisting women's organizations in prompting and addressing children's rights and welfare.


  1. Provide relief and rehabilitation services to children victims of state violence through psychosocial help; and children survivors of social/natural disasters through psychosocial first aid, training and education.
  2. Strengthen community-based programs of women's and people's organizations through the introduction of psycho-social services for children and their families in coordination with the CRC network.
  3. Generate more support for children's concern through advocacy work.
  4. Create a resource centers were more indigenous and creative method/approaches to treatment and rehabilitation can be better developed, shared and disseminated.
  5. Contribute to the effective and efficient delivery of services within the network of health, human rights and children's programs.
  6. Strengthening international relations/cooperation and work towards building a network to support and shore up for children.


  1. Provisions of psycho-social services to children who suffer physical health problems, emotional disorders and social maladjustments due to such traumatic events as arrest, torture, evacuation, massacre, disappearance and other forms of human rights violations.
  2. Capacity building for women and people's organizations so they can establish children's programs.
  3. Advocacy on the issue of children-victims of State Violence towards support generation.